Roon with Sonos Connect

I downloaded Roon on my desktop PC and wanted to,stream it to my audio system (Naim Unitiserve and Aurilac Vega 1 DAC) in another room. Roon didn’t find the Vega and I ultimately canceled my free trial with Roon. A local dealer suggested that I try a Sonos Connect connected to the Vega to accomplish this. Roon did locate my Sonos playbar in a separate system during the trial. Can anyone advise me whether the Sonos Connect will allow me to use Roon from my PC to play music and to index the music on the Naim Unitiserve on my primary system? I have a very good audio system so I’m also concerned about the sound quality if this would work. I’m not very technically knowledgeable so sorry if I’ve used any wrong terminology. Thanks!

Hello @Stephen_Brown,

As you’ve experienced with the Sonos Playbar, the Sonos Connect will be discovered by Roon automatically once it has been connected to your network. You can then use the digital outputs on the Sonos Connect to connect to your Auralic Vega DAC to enable playback to the device from Roon.

To play music located on your Naim Unitiserve in Roon, all you need to do is add it’s network share as a storage location. Roon will then automatically index and identify the media on the drive. Check out our knowledge base article for more information.