Roon with Tidal - Showing Tidal Favorites and MQA Albums [Answered]

In my other music servers it shows me my Tidal favorites albums, Roon doesn’t show me this.

Also when browsing Tidal thru Roon, I don’t see any MQA insignia on the Tidal album to let you know it’s a MQA album. So how do I know what Tidal albums are MQA?


All your Tidal favorites should be in your library and browsable from any of the main views. If you want to see just the Tidal albums and you your local ones then use focus from the album view and select Tidal from the format option.

There is no MQA marker yet for Tidal MQA albums. You can only see if they are MQA when you actually play them and look at the signal path. This will change with a future update. No knowing when that update will be.

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I own a PS Audio Directstream Junior with recently updated bridge to enable MQA playback with full unfolding. Hazaa! But not being able to identify MQA albums until I actually click to play them is far from ideal. I’m sure the Roon team is well aware of this and working on a solution. I can’t wait for the day I can manage MQA albums just the same as I do other non-MQA albums from Tidal. Come to think of it, Tidal itself has a long way to go in improving the way MQA (aka Masters) albums can be browsed and saved. It is beyond me why they won’t even allow you to browse the Masters albums by filtering according to band name or entering a search term. Seems like basic stuff to me. It’s also frustrating that an album might be available as an MQA “Master” one day but not the next. Ugh. I’m sure things will continue to improve. I appreciate all the efforts from Roon and PS Audio.

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This isn’t a tidal issue but a roon issue. If I use lumin or mconnect, when browsing tidal, I see mqa albums with a insignia on the album and there are 2 of the same album, 1 with mqa and 1 without. I think what roon is doing is giving you the best choice out of the 2 albums you are searching for which in my case has to been mqa, or when you click master option maybe it’s only showing mqa or hi res

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+1 on this. Tidal MQA should be a great selling point for Roon. Having to guess what’s MQA based on memory and instinct is completely counterproductive.

Roon - we love you. But prioritise this fix please!


Any update on this. When I access Tidal through Bluesound I see 2 choices, MQA and “CD”, when I access Tidal through Roon I see only the CD. And I’m not even sure I’m able to access the MQA version on some albums.

Edit: I can access MQA albums, but it is hit & miss. If I go through the Tidal Masters tab I access MQA albums. If I search normally I see only CDs, and as posters have pointed out there are many MQA albums not in the Masters list. Are the non-Masters MQA visible to Roon?
Edit: the “Tidal hides MQA” is well observed. I wonder if Bluesound has some hack to work out which is which?

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Hi there!
I would sure would too like to see Master files identified in Roon as well. Seems to me a priority for a software programe like Roon because of the audiofiliac ambitions. Now i have to switch between tidal and roon when i am looking for Master Albums of an Artist. Not ideal.

Btw, keep up the good work. Roon works like a charm with my incorporated netwerkcard into my Mytek Manhattan day 2.


Please add a [M] icon to indicate Tidal Master (MQA) albums/tracks in Roon!
Also please add MQA unfolding to Roon so I can play MQA tracks at their “best” quality.
Using a Dragonfly Red.


+1 too from me. To me this is more important than MQA unfolding and there should be no license issues with this.

+1 from me too. MQA was the thing which got me to look at Bluesound players, and they were what led me to Roon. Really loving how the system works but this would be a great addition.

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Cancelled my trial membership… No MQA support for DragonFly Red.

I am surprised that MQA designation remains absent with Roon. I would think that this is a relatively easy fix and is a high priority item for many customers; I know it is for me. Please Roon, escalate the priority of rolling out this feature so that your customers can easily discern MQA albums.

I agree. As would virtually all Roon subscribers who utilize MQA on Tidal and do so through Roon.

But as with many of the topics, these comments are posted for months or even years and no one from Roon ever responds.

+1 agree. It would seem like an easy fix; MQA software enfolding was already solved by Audirvana a year ago and also works directly over the TIDAL Mac App for a long time. I am currently debating if I should start a full membership after my trial period but with only TIDAL support (and that without MQA) and being highly depended on the well being of one streaming provider as well as no offline and/or cloud solution for listening to your music in the car or on the go I am not sure if the high price is justified.