Roon with Windows 10 on Pro Surface 3

Hi there, I was having no problems using my Surface 3 as remote control to run my Stereo PC. Both had Windows 8.1 on them. My Surface 3 was upgraded to 10 a couple of days ago, the Stereo PC , connected to my Hard Drive and DAC has not changed. Now when I use my Surface as a tablet to control my Stereo PC remotely it opens Roon and I can change tracks etc… but it will not scroll through Discover/ Albums / Artists etc.

If I have the keyboard attached in desktop mode then all works as before, can scroll from keypad etc…but hey I want my tablet option back. Any known issues ? any settings to change ???


I am using a DELL XPS 12 2 in 1 and just upgraded to Win 10.

I am having no problem in"tablet mode". I am not sure how it works on the Surface, but there is a setting in Win10 that requires you to “OK” tablet mode otherwise it will stay in desktop mode.

Hey @kjwho – just to make sure I’m understanding your question, you’re running Roon on both machines right (the Surface Pro and the Stereo PC)?

Just want to make sure this isn’t an issue with some kind of remote desktop software. We’re not aware of any issues with Windows 10 like this, but we can definitely look into it.

Thanks for the report!

Thanks Mike,

yep Roon on both machines and with Windows 8.1 it was running sweetly. The Surface makes a great remote but uses quite a bit of battery power. Will play around on the weekend with settings on the Surface , tablet mode etc and see what happens. I sure am in no rush to install Win 10 on the Stereo PC. I guess if I still can’t get it to scroll I will uninstall Roon [ remote ] on the Surface and download it again to reinstall… It works fine in desktop mode with the keyboard attached and scrolls ok on other programmes in tablet mode…Thanks

@kjwho Are you sure that your Surface 3 Pro settings (in Windows 10) are correct, as @Priaptor mentions ?
I can use Roon fine in Tablet or Desktop mode.

Sometimes a “hard-reset” can help clear up some niggles with the Surface : that’s the - clean shut-down / hold volume-up & power for ~30 seconds / wait 10 seconds / press power to restart - cycle.

Thanks so much for your help. All sorted now. Did you know Roon scrolls using just one finger , but not 2 ? Most other apps I use I had got into the habit of using 2 fingers to scroll . Back enjoting my music now with sottware and machines all behaving :smile:

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