Roon won’t detect Limetree Network

Can anyone help? I have just bought a Limetree Network device to use with Roon. The Limetree device claims to be Roon Ready and its instructions state that it will be available to a Roon Core when as soon as it’s successfully logged into the network. The Limetree device is definitely connected to my network as I can play internet radio from it, but it is not detected by my Roon Core (an Innuos Zenith). I have two other end points on the same network which are detected (one is Roon Ready and the other is airplay). I apparently have latest firmware on all devices. I’ve done the usual power off the core, WiFi router, and my network switch - but this hasn’t done the trick. Does anyone have any ideas?

Have you gone to Settings > Audio in. Roon and Enabled the Limetree? Or is it not listed there?

Hi Martin
Thanks! That did it - I wasn’t aware of that page at all. I’m amazed that I don’t recall having to do that with my other end points.

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