Roon won’t play through Apple TV 4

I’ve set up Roon Core on a QNAP NAS drive and installed Roon on my iPad and MacBook Pro.
Roon will play music on my HomePod and Muso but not through Apple TV which is connected to my Pioneer AV receiver.
I can play music from the NAS drive using QNAP software.
The error message on Roon states
“Transport:Playback has failed due to unexpected error communicating with audio device.”
I really like the look of the software but if it has problems with Apple TV it is a no starter

Hello @Radji_Gadji,

Please try disabling and then re-enabling the device in the Settings>Audio screen. You can disable the device by clicking the “gears” icon next to the zone name. If this does not work, try enabling an Airplay Password on the AppleTV itself and then attempting the disable/re-enable process again.


Hi John,
Thanks for that I disabled the AppleTV setting on my mac and then reenabled it and it now plays through Apple TV from both my mac and my iPad.
Much appreciate your help will now try out the Roon software thoroughly

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