Roon won’t recognize Schiit gungnir dac

I use a raspberry pi 4 as a roon bridge and have a gungnir connected to it for several years. Recently roon won’t recognize the dac, only the pi bridge. I can connect other dacs with no issue. Please help! The Schiit dac works and I can hear the relay click on/off. When I plug the usb cable into the PI.

Your end point is the Pi, it receives RAAT and passes it to the DAC by USB

It depends if the DAC reports back its status if Roon displays anything

I would say what you see is normal

Check the partners page the DAC ix Roon Tested not Roon Ready

Thats the way I understand it as you have described with the endpoint. The problem is I can’t select the Gungnir under audio devices. I have run this setup for more than two years and just stopped recognizing this dac. Other dacs work. Tried different usb cables. Would an update change something.

What OS are you using on the RPi4? If it is RoPieee, then I will move your post into the #audio-gear-talk:ropieee category of the forum.

If it sees the Pi whats he trouble, select the Pi does the DAC get a signal ?

I ran the same with an Audiolab MDAC , it never showed in Roon but worked

Am i missing something?

@Ben_Gruhn claims that Roon did show the DAC previously, but now it shows the RPi endpoint only.

@Ben_Gruhn - can you please confirm this: the behaviour has changed?

That’s correct the behavior has changed. I am running VitOS- 1.0.1415. In Roon -Settings - About - I can see raspberry pi under roon bridge. But when I have that specific DAC there’s nothing for me to enable under settings - Audio. I have two other dacs that show up no issue and can enable and stream music.

I only see the PI in settings - about - under roon bridge. I can’t stream music because I can’t enable the device in setting - audio. I can plug a different DAC in and the device is ready to be enabled and music streams fine.

You only need to enable the pi

The USB to DAC Roon doesn’t see

Have you tried the dac plugged into a pc? I’ve had the usb port die on two schitt products.

I’ll try that when I get home. Direct into pc. I can hear the relay click when the usb cable is connected to my endpoint. Hope that’s not it.

No you have this a bit wrong. Roon bridge on Pis only show up in audio settings when they see a connected DAC, they don’t show at all without one. As the op says in Settings/About the bridge is active but it’s not connecting to the DAC as it doesn’t show in Audio section. Faulty port, on Pi or DAC or a cable issue most likely.

Mine was always connected to a DAC so i never noticed, sorry for my misinformation

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I traced the issue to an intermittent fault on the dac usb port. Thanks for all the suggestions. Hopefully I squeak in on the 5 year warranty.