Roon won’t start just hangs at logo

Roon Core Machine

Mac Pro
Win 10 latest update x64
256 SSD
Single socket XEON

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Description of Issue

I have this issue that most recently in the last few months everything works fine then I power up my Mac Pro and the Roon main app won’t start. It tries to and I get that initial loading dark grey screen with the little Roon animated logo and it just stays there, the logo remains animate so the application haven’t frozen but nothing more.

The real annoying part is if I try to reinstall that works fine but if I restore a previous Backup that was working fine the result is it just hangs which defeats the purpose of having a backup if it’s useless.

This is the third time in less than 2 months this has happened. This is the same system I have used over a few years with Roon and not had this issue before.

Yesterday for some reason Roon started to to give me the “Can’t login to Tidal” error message which should not be the case I can log into the same account just fine in the tidal app on my iPhone.

The reason mention this is because last time the Roon main app hung at the start up screen I had a Tidal can’t log in error warning. Obviously the Roon Main app is starting up services when it for initialises so there “may” be a correlation there, just thought it’s worth a mention.

Ok so anyhow this is a total pain in the ass … anybody else having this issue? It does my head in, lol, and it can be only resolved so far with a clean install which I would not want for a 3rd time.


At the moment there are many of these problems. The official support looks at the log data of some customers for this. Quick helps under the keywords tidal_account IPv6 DNS or similar are already described here.


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Hello @Ray_Beck,

Thank you for being both kind and candid in sharing how Roon is working out for you lately. We’re sorry about the trouble :sweat: .

To make sure I understand correctly, when Roon does not launch, if you reinstall it, you can access it again. However, if you try to restore a backup, Roon hangs at logo?

Could you please tell us more about your backup location? Do you have more than one backup that you can try to restore?


I have 2 locationsI back up to on main windows system drive and also on a second storage drive which is directly attached, via sata, to the same system.

When I remove the Roon app via windows app add/remove if I leave the user setting and just uninstall the Roon app I have the same issue, app starts and just hangs at the animated logo.
If I remove app and user setting and reinstall I get a bootable working version of ROON but I have to set it up again, which I have tried then I restore from back up and we are back to same issue.

So it appears the the tidal problem here may be directly related to issue with the user settings associated. Also this the second time I’ve had a “Tidal Login fail” notification which comes just before this issue of stuck at load screen with animated logo. May be something that… just worth a mention as 2 times now it’s not just a coincidence.

Is they any way I can view the system info via console when the app attempts to open and see why it hangs? Or some way to see the log? Otherwise going back and for like this is just guessing and also it pointless unless you have had other users with near exact same issue hardware systems arrangement etc.

Of course I welcome your assistance and will try to provide as much info as I can to resolve the issue.

Hi @Ray_Beck

Can you send us logs from your setup? To do so, please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service). Thanks!

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