Roon won't accept music storage folder path

oon Core Machine
Nucleus, Roon v1.8
Remote(s): iOS 15.4, iPhone 11 Pro, 256GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details
Hardware/MacBookPro connected via Ethernet to home network default setup.

Connected Audio Devices
B&W A7, MartinLogan Cadence Soundbar.

Number of Tracks in Library
15,000 tracks

Description of Issue
Cannot add folder using path as Watched Folder.

Hi Rob,

Have you reviewed this?

I"m a Windows guy, but, I thought Mac network links used SMB:// Like this:


Backslashes not forward slashes?

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No luck but thank you.

Hi Daniel,

I have reviewed the info but nothing seems to work. For whatever reason I’ll be running along just fine then a roon software update occurs and it loses the folder.

Thank you,

Rob, don’t you still have to specify on the Nucleus that you are using the SMB protocol ot watch the Mac folder like Rugby identified? Also, it does not appear that you are setting up a local folder but rather a network share. Is this correct?

Hi Robert,

I followed the instructions per Rugby’s post and had no problem in the past. I’ve been a user for a year or so and all of a sudden it doesn’t work. Also, I didn’t know if setting the Nucleus to static vs dynamic IP address was having any effect. Mine has always been set to dynamic with no issues.


Is it possible to share a screenshot of the Network Share error message, if you receive one, compared to the Local Storage error message?

Thanks Rob. Have you tried putting your username ane password for the Mac into those fields in the Network Share screen?

As well as username and password, make sure you use /Media, not /Music. You shared Media in your screenshot in your first post.

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It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I think you need the following in Roon:

And on your Mac you need to make sure that SMB is enabled:

You should then find that the shared folder will appear in Storage.

The only thing I’m not sure about is what’s going on here …

Are you trying to create a new folder in addition to accessing a shared one?

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Thanks Dave

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Glad you got it sorted :partying_face:

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