ROON won't accept TuneIn URL's [Resolved]

I am setting up a fresh install of ROON and am trying to add radio stations with the URL’s from the TuneIn website. Previously i added them without any problems but now i get an error stating: ‘There was an unexpected error: InvalidArgument’. Does someone knows what this means and how to solve it?

I have rebooted the server (a Intel NUC7i3 ROCK setup) a few times but that didn’t help. Neither did logging out and in. The only thing i noticed that is different than the last time is the URL itself. The last time i added TuneIn URL’s they started with ‘beta.tunein’ and now it starts with just ‘tunein’. So perhaps something changed at TuneIn. The (new) URL to the station is: It happens with all the stations i try to add.

The error looks like this:

upload picture

Well, the power of ROON must not be underestimated… I just tried again to add the URL’s and it just works?!? Perhaps some sort of karma, greater power or a glitch in the matrix, but it works :smiley: