Roon won't connect to Imac; database won't load; complete stall

Roon Core Machine

Mac OS Sonoma 14.1.1; M1 Chip, 16GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Cox router WiFi, no idea what model number it is.

Connected Audio Devices

connects from Imac headphone jack to Schiit Asgard headphone amp; wifi or b

Number of Tracks in Library

can’t tell you this because roon won’t connect

Description of Issue

After working fine up to and through upgrading to Sonoma, Roon quit working last night. It opened up to the last track I had been playing, but wouldn’t play it, and nothing else loaded in for use. I tried disconnecting to server to see if i could solve it through reconnecting, but it just went to the gathering database screen and stayed that way for 12 hours. the screenshot here is what it looks like now: dead and``Connecting’’

Hello @Paul_Loop ,

Can you please try a full reboot of your PC as the first troubleshooting step? Do you have any firewalls running on the Mac, for example: Little Snitch, McAFee, Kaspersky, or similar? Is the behavior the same with the firewall temporarily turned off? Does the RoonServer instance in the taskbar show as running?


I’ve never installed firewall protection on this or previous imacs. I don’t know what or if Apple installs it.
So, I wouldn’t know how to turn it off if it were there.
The Roon icon does not show up in the taskbar.

After shutdown and restart the following image hangs on the screen

And regarding this image, I do not know what ``confirm your network settings’’ means, either.

Can you check to see if your Mac has a “Roon Server” app as well as the “Roon” app installed? If it does, then start the Roon Server - then you should see the Roon icon showing up.

Once it is running, then try the Roon app again. If you still get the “Waiting for your Roon Server” message, try clicking the “Select a different Roon Server” link to see if that will connect to it.

Hi @Paul_Loop ,

Have you been able to check for the Roon icon in the taskbar? Were you able to resolve the issue if so? Do let us know if you still need assistance with this topic.