Roon won't connect to Tidal [Resolved]

Roon not connecting to Tidal. This is the second time I’ve had this issue, where Roon suddenly stops connecting to Tidal and won’t let me log in - if I attempt to log in with my username and password Roon tells me login failed, check my connection. I am connected to internet, can access Tidal on my desktop and on my phone. I run my Roon Core on a High Sierra on a late 2012 mac mini. I use Roon to connect to a PS Audio Directstream Junior via ethernet network. I can play TIdal on the DSJ using MConnect. I have tried deleting my Roon Cache and rebooting the Mac Mini and it didn’t work.

I recently went through a whole scene where Roon wouldn’t recognize my DSJ even though Audirvana and MConnect would. I ended up deleting Roon and reinstalled, lost a bunch of settings. Bottom line - I’m fed up with the bugginess. This program is too expensive to constantly have these kinds of problems.

@support flagging support for you

Thank you Mr. Fix it - my problem is resolved as of this morning. I have no explanation for why. Wouldn’t connect to Tidal for the majority of the day yesterday despite many restarts of both Roon and my machine. Turned the Mac Mini off last night and went to bed - this morning I booted up and was prompted by Roon to sign into Tidal - when I did it connected.