Roon won't detect Zen Dac v2 connected to PC viua USB

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 21H2

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

iFi Zen Dac V2 connected to PC via USB.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

The IFi utility can see the DAC but in Roon when I got to settings->audio it is not showing up for me to enable it.

I can stream from the Tidal App on Windows 10 without issue.

Can you help?

Can you post a pic of your Settings Audio. Sometimes it might just be listed as a USB connection.

Also, the Ifi utility might be interfering. Try closing it out, as well as any services that might be running.

When I tried this before I seem to remember that another app (maybe Tidal) was locking up the Audio output to the DAC in Alsa mode. I had to close all the music apps for it to work.
I also seem to remember there were two devices in Roon and that did work, but went through the Windows mixer, not used Windows for Roon output in a long time though.

Do you have the iFi app installed and have the Zen DAC 2 updated (not that that should really matter)

Yes, have the best fi app installed and updated the dac with the latest firmware. On apre ious version of Roon, it used to show up right below the zen stream

Silly question but are you sure the Zen Stream is set for USB output and not spdif?

As I think on one of the latest ifi updates default changed to spdif.

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Just to ask the question, is this Zen DAC 2 now plugged into the Windows pc or the Zen Stream?

If it’s into the Zen Stream then it won’t show up

Yes that’s a good question, the title does say connected to PC by USB but clarification would be good.

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It looks to me as if there’s a Denafrips DAC plugged into the Zen Stream.

It is plugged in to the pc.

I had it plugged in to the zen stream before and it does not show up either. However it worked without issue. Months ago when I first subscribed both the zen stream and dac showed up

I have the Denafrips ares 2 plugged in to the zen stream. I have the zen dac directly plugged in to the pc

Ricardo if you have updated the Stream and it’s in Roon only mode then it defaults to Spdif output, so you need to go to Settings ->Audio and click on the device info label on the Stream and Change the output to USB.

Can’t help with the PC sorry as I do not use that with Roon and away at the moment. Hopefully this will work for you though

Thank you so mucvh Michael. This solved my other problem where I couldn’t set the Zen Stream to “RToon Only” mode because it would only output in SPDIF.

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I solved my initial problem. Once I removed the Realtek Sound Drivers from my system, the Dac appeared in my Roon settings. Thank you everyone for your kind help!!!

This was also mentioned quite a few posts back too.
Glad it’s all resolved and working how you want it to now.

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Great news and glad we could help you out.
It does get confusing

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