Roon won't display this Album from Qobuz. How do I figure out why?

If I search for this album, Roon can’t find it: Open Qobuz

(3 Hours Past Midnight by Johnny Guitar Watson)

I found it in Qobuz and added it as a favorite (several days ago) and Roon still won’t display it.

How do I diagnose why Roon is ignoring this album?


Rather than favourite it in Qobuz (to add it to Roon), what happens if you search for it in Roon, and then add it to your library using Roon?

I’ve just searched for “3 hours past midnight Johnny Guitar Watson” (note the missing “by”) in Roon. The album was found, and I have just successfully added it to my library…

It may be a regional licensing issue? I’m in the Netherlands - where are you?

Thanks for the suggestion. Here is what I tried:

  1. In Qobuz unfavorited it
  2. In Roon, refresh Qobuz
  3. Search for “3 hours past midnight Johnny Guitar Watson”
  4. Got “No Resullt Found”

Also tried searching for “3 hours past midnight” which didn’t find the right album.

I’m in the US.

I can find and play the album in Qobuz but not in Roon.

This is coming up for quite a few users since the latest updates that they can’t find stuff in streaming services via search.

Go to the Artist page for him and check discography section if it shows up in there.

Came up first time for me in search though.

None of those work for me. There’s something about this album that Roon doesn’t like. If I add one of its tracks as a favorite in Qobuz it doesn’t show up in Roon either.

Odd comes up every time for me.

Wonder if Roon thinks your in a different region and it’s a licensing issue. @joel might be able to help here

@Mark_Boulter There is no version of this album available for streaming in the US.

The album you link to is favourite-able, has MP3 previews, but is not streamable in full. It’s licensed for purchase only.

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Thanks Joel

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