Roon won't find ultraRendu without full reboot

I am using an hp computer with an I7 and 16Gb of ram running windows 10. I have begun to have a connection problem with my ultraRendu. Once connected, everything is fine.

To connect I have to reboot everything at least twice for Roon to see the ultraRendu. This did not occur when I first installed everything, now I have to go through this each time I start Roon. I know it must be a setting, but I don’t know which one.

Hi @Louis_Berkman ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are very!

Moving forward, to help aide in our evaluation of this behavior you are experiencing with the ultraRendu, may I very kindly ask you for the following information:

  • Please describe your network configuration/topology, as well as providing insight into any networking hardware you are currently implementing. I want to have a clear understanding of how the ultraRendu is communicating with your network/Roon.

  • When the ultraRendu drops it’s connection with Roon can you please confirm if you are still able to successfully access the device’s web interface via


I am using Netgear eight port switches to connect my ethernet devices, I am just using a standard network setup, nothing exotic. The ultraRendu is connected to the Netgear switch.

When the ultraRendu connection is lost, I am still able to access it through my browser when Roon loses the connection. This problem seems to be occurring more and more often. The problem only started relatively recently. I have to reboot everything twice to get Roon to see my UltraRendu. Also, often when I reboot, Roon sees the ultraRendu then cycles through all of the album tracks without playing anything, so I reboot again.

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Thanks for getting back to me @Louis_Berkman, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.

Moving forward, as a small test, I would kindly like to ask you to try (temporarily) with the UltraRendu mounted directly to your router. If this test does not yield a change in behavior with the unit, please perform the following:

  • When you notice that the UltraRendu drops from the application, please make a note of the, “time of day” when you made the observation.

  • Please perform the mentioned work around (i.e have to reboot everything twice to get Roon to see my UltraRendu) and note the time of day when the device is discovered again.

  • Try to play something and note the time of day when Roon cycles through tracks without playing back.

  • Finally reboot once more and note the time when playback is possible with the unit.


Eric Stewart

Connecting thew UltraRendu directly to the router doesn’t change anything.

Roon cycled through album tracks at 2:19 pm Central time. It shows the ultraRendu but doesn’t play anything.

After rebooting my system twice, everything works correctly.

This is a relatively recent problem. I don’t remember it happening with my microRendu

Thanks for the follow up @Louis_Berkman, and providing the the requested time stamp. Very appreciated!

Now that I have a sense of when the error occurred I am going to go ahead and enable diagnostics on your account. What this action will do is the next time the application is launched on your core machine a diagnostics report will be automatically generated/uploaded directly to our servers which will contain a set of your Roon logs.

Once the report has been received I will touch base so you know we have it :sunglasses:

Update: Looks like we’ve got it.

The problem seem to have disappeared with the 1.4 update.

The rumored solution of the problem is a bit premature. It still doesn’t connect without doing the dance, Hopefully you will find something in those logs that might explain everything.

Hi @Louis_Berkman ----- Thank you for the follow up(s), I greatly appreciate the update. I am sorry to hear that the issue has persisted with 1.4 :face_with_head_bandage:

In light of the above, may I kindly ask you (at your earliest convenience) to please update to the latest build (ie 294) and reproduce the issue once more making note of the time when the observation is made. After I have the timeframe of the error I will go ahead and re-enable diagnostics on your account.

Furthermore, can you please verify for me the make and model of the device currently mounted ultraRendu.


I am not certain, but with the 1.4 update AND the Windows 10 update the problem seems to have abated. I will let you know if it reappears.

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I replaced the switch and the problem went away for awhile. It is now back, and I have to reboot the system twice to get it to find the ultraRendu. It can’t just be the DirectStream DAC. I have to switch off ALL of the audio equipment. The DAC by itself doesn’t work. In addition, Roon occasionally pauses for no reason and I have to click play. There is definitely a ghost in this machine.

I forgot to add that the browser can ALWAYS access the ultraRendu even when I can’t get Roon to find it.

Hi @Louis_Berkman ----- Thank you for the updates and sharing your recent observations with me. I am sorry to hear of the continued troubles.

Moving forward, diagnostics have been enabled on your account so our techs can try to get a sense of what is causing this behavior with the UltraRendu. My sense though, based on the fact that you are experiencing issues with playback is that there is something in the environment that is causing these issues. Can you please verify the following for me:

  • If you playback directly out the internal speakers on the computer hosting your Roon core (HP computer) do you ever experience the mentioned “pausing” behavior?

  • My assumption is that your musical collections is being housed/accessed from local storage on the core machine, please verify.

  • You mentioned in your latest that you had replaced the switch that you had been originally using. Can you please provide an update on what your network topology “now” looks like. For example:

router (make & model) - > WiFi - > core machine
router (make & model) - > ethernet cable - > switch (make & model) - > ether cable - > Ultra Rendu - > USB cable - DS DAC


  1. I play back through my audio system, not the computer.
  2. My music collection is on a QNAP ethernet connected NAS.
  3. Router is supplied by ATT Uverse. it is connected by ethernet cable directly to an 8 port T-Link gigabit switch. The ultaRendu is connected to the T-Link switch as is my computer running Roon core. The ultraRendu is connected to my DirectStream DAC with a Cardas usb cable.

Right now, everything is working. I think the Netgear switch I was using might have been defective. It was about 3 years old.

As the above mentioned problem has NOT gone away and I am tired of playing around to fix it, I have taken the nuclear option and ordered a new computer. I am going to reinstall everything and see if THIS fixes the problem. IF it does not, then I will have to chalk the $500 to experience and find another program that WORKS to control my music.

Hi @Louis_Berkman ----- Thank you for the follow up and sorry to hear of the frustrations.

My apologies, but I am touch confused based on your previous and latest responses:

Jan 2nd:

“Right now, everything is working. I think the Netgear switch I was using might have been defective. It was about 3 years old.”

Feb 5th:

As the above mentioned problem has NOT gone away and I am tired of playing around to fix it"

If you believed the switch to be defective, did you try testing with another switch? I am just curious why you believe the core machine to be the problem here.


It is confusing because I now think the problem is related to Windows 10 and my HP computer. Now, not only does Roon not reliably see my ultraRendu, but while Roon can see my NAS, it has disappeared from my network. So I can’t see my files on my NAS.

My new computer (and the excuse to buy one) SHOULD remedy both problems once and for all.

This conversation and the plight of ROON not seeing the UltraRendu seemed to have stopped abruptly. What was the outcome? Thanks.

It still does the same thing. I am wondering if the optical Rendu might not have this problem.

Hello @Louis_Berkman,

I just wanted to check in with you here, you are reporting that the same issue still occurs on the new computer? If so I beleive you may have a networking related issue here.

We have seen issues before with ISP provided routers and would highly recommend using a consumer level router instead and keeping the ATT modem/router combo as a modem only (as in put it in bridge mode).

You can read more info regarding this on our Networking Best Practices Page but I suspect that multicast is failing on the Uverse router. We also have some common “router specific settings” at the end of that guide that you may want to try if possible before replacing the router. Please let me know if that helps!

– Noris