Roon Won't launch, or Crash and won't load again [resolved]

Hi there

installed Roon two weeks ago, Did the import procedure and started running. It worked great for about half an hour and then crached, It didnt ReStart,
Eversince the program just won’t launch. it did a couple of times but crashed immediately.

What would be the reason, and what should I do?

Nimrod Zigelman

Hi @Nimrod_Zigelman – sorry to hear you’re having some issues here.

I’m going to follow up via PM, we’ll gather some more information, and figure out what’s going on. Stand by!

Hi , I have a similar issue. Roon was working fine but now won’t launch. Nothing on the PC has changed. I’m running 64 bit Windows 10. Any ideas ? Thanks … Tony

Reset Windows 10 and its working again

Hey @Tony_McEvoy, thanks for info. Feel free to open new thread if the issue reoccur.