Roon won't load files

I’ve been running Roon Server on an Intel NUC for some years, with the actual music files (which are mostly DSF format) on an adjacent Synology NAS. For some reason today all my local files disappeared from the Album view, and specific files I can see in Windows Explorer cannot be found with the Roon search function.

When I use the Roon Library function to force a rescan of the affected folder, it scans about 5,000 tracks (which is all of them) but only adds 343 tracks to the library. I’ve tried “removing” the folder and adding it again, always with the same result.

Tidal albums are all there and playable.

Any help would be appreciated.

Solved my own problem…removed all folders in the Roon Library, including some created using drive letters, and created a new one by pointing to the IP address of the Synology drive. It’s all good.

Do make sure you are using a fixed/static IP address for the NAS or at least if its DHCP then reserve that DHCP address in the router to keep it always for that NAS device.

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