Roon won't load on any of my devices, the Roon database won't load

Core Machine

Cisco RV 134W -ethernet

Audio Devices

Roon database won’t load. Happens every time I try. There was a power outage about 2 hours ago. Everything reset and EX server playing fine with tracks stored onboard it.

Can you restore the Roon database from a backup via Settings > Backups > Find backups?

Settings in Roon?

May have to return to this tomorrow - other things to do now.


Restoring from backup

Ok so I’ve read the stuff about restoring from backup. Am I right in thinking that this gets done from inside Roon. But Roon won’t load my database. How do I proceed please?

Go to Settings>Backups>Find backups.

Hi Fernando
I’m not very computer literate - where is settings located?

The problem seems to have resolved itself. Thanks for the info.

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