Roon won't open after passing the loading screen

Roon is unable to open after displaying the quotation and then showing the Roon semi-circle logo indefinitely in the center of the screen. I’ve tried rebooting, opening and closing the program… I have no other issues with my PC. There are no error messages…I just can’t get past the animated Roon logo.

System information

Hello @Cem_Lafci,

Is the PC in question provisioned by an enterprise device management system? If so, this may lead to issues getting Roon up and running on your system, but we can try our best to get things working.

I would start troubleshooting by disabling any firewall software on your PC. Roon not only requires a connection to the outside world, but it also uses the internal “localhost” network interface on your PC to communicate with the audio outputs on your device. Be sure to check the Windows Firewall settings as well as any antivirus software you may have installed for firewall functionality.

I could also have the QA team take a look at your Roon logs to see if they are able to discover where in the startup process things are failing. Instructions on how to upload your Roon logs to us can be found here


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Hi John,

Thank you. I resolved the problen bij re installing Roon


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