Roon won't open on PC Core after updates, msft and roon

Core Machine
Intel i7, 32gb RAM, 1TB SSD, 64bit OS build 19041.985. Dell.

I took W10 update KB5003173 on May 13, which lines up with my experience. All reliable before.

Network Details
Network is Comcast cable modem to Netgear Orbi to PC hardwired the whole trip. Network has been working well including remotes. Still seems to work for other uses.

Audio Devices
KEF LS50W via USB from PC

Library…No clue how many tracks. I mostly stream via TIDAL and use playlists I create and maintain in TIDAL. My stored library is about 200 albums, little used. Not a hardened user. I use my system about 12-15 sessions/month, usually weekends and dinner with guests. When the needs demand I play Tidal directly into the KEFs without Roon, but only when I want to play a Tidal playlist not available with the Roon interface. (I like the Roon EQ)

On May 15 I could not load Roon. Loading icon just stays there pulsing. Most likely culprit is Microsoft Update KB5003173, which was pushed on May 13. I was gone much of the prior 30 days however, so it’s possible that the Roon 790 update had something to do with it and that I did not use Roon 'til May 15, so problem could have been there but unnoticed. But I managed to get to Roon 1.8 795 now and the problem persists.

I uninstalled KB5003173 and that did not help.

I have a laptop which is usually off and thus at a lower version of Windows 10. I can load and run Roon there. I did the same with an older PC at an earlier update revision and I paused the updates. I can load Roon there as well. But that PC is even older than the subject PC and it’s slow. Would like to understand the problem and fix it.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Neal Harvey

Paul_Benos thread fixed my problem too. Thanks

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