Roon won't play after Mac OS Catalina and Roon 1.7 update

Roon Nucleus Plus / Version 1.7 /Build #505

Mac OS Catalina 10.15.1

Network: Ethernet connected/ Western Digital Network hub/ QNap TS-128A Quad Cored 1-bay Storage

McIntosh D150 Digital Preamp/ McIntosh MI254 Power Amp/HDMI Connectivity

System worked fine. Downloaded new Mac OS Catalina when Apple sent it out, which was approximately the same time I received the Roon 1.7 update. I am no longer able to hear any music. Not knowledgable enough to figure it out myself. Magnolia Installers not able to help. Had NO music for Thanksgiving.

@support PLEASE HELP!!

I’m still running Roon on Mojave so I have no experience of running Roon on Catalina but… Until someone more knowledgeable wades in, it might be worth making sure that you’ve given Roon full disk access via System Preferences. Hope this might help and good luck.

Appreciate it Philip! I went to Prefs and Accessibility and the Roon was greyed out and unelectable. The problem could be with the Roon 1.7 update and how it relates to the new Mac OS. I certainly need someone to get me there. Thanks for trying!

I’m guessing here but have you unlocked the preferences panel? You won’t be able to make any changes until then. Just a thought – I’m away from my Mac today so can’t check things out right now.

Again thanks Philip! I did unlock and select Roon but to no avail, even after re-booting everything. Stuck!

Hi @Brandon_Coleman_Jr,

Sorry to hear about the issues and that thanksgiving was without music. I’d be happy to help you with this issue. First, can you please confirm the following information?

  1. Where is your media library? Is it all located on the QNAP NAS or does any reside on the Nucleus Internal Storage?

  2. Do you have any streaming services set up (TIDAL/Qobuz)? Is the behavior the same with content played from there?

  3. Does the MacOS “System Output” or “Core Audio” output work as expected? You can switch zones via the Zone Picker.

  4. Are you presented with any error messages in Roon when trying to start playback?

In your System Preferences, open Security & Privacy option and look under PRIVACY tab for Files and Folders to see if ROON is added and granted Full Disk Access - this is GREYED out and cannot be changed here.

In order to add or change ROON permissions, either add ROON under Full Disk Access. If you already see ROON added but not accessing extrernal drives, I would ‘remove’ ROON, close System Preferences and re-add ‘ROON’ and see how that helps.

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Thanks Mark! I did all that you listed and it still shows this screen. I am missing something!

Noris - I appreciate your outreach, but I am not capable enough to answer those questions. I am sure the answer lies within but I am not able to do so. Is there ANYONE I can talk to on the phone or screen share with to help me get my Roon back up? Thanks.

@Brandon_Coleman_Jr, are you able to access your Nucleus via its IP address from your Mac? It seems that you are only using your Mac as a control point, is this correct?

That is correct. The iMac is only supposed to be a control point.

@Brandon_Coleman_Jr, OK, thanks. Brandon, the only way that people can help is if you provide more details about your set up. Can you post a screen shot of what you see if you go to Settings > General? Also, can you confirm that your Nucleus is actually powered on?

Will do. Appreciate the patience.

Hi @Brandon_Coleman_Jr,

We do not offer phone support but we would be more than happy to assist you right here on the Community website.

When we resolve issues on Community, it ensures that our entire team has access to the discussion and can weigh in as needed. This means that not only can our support team contribute, but so can our QA team, developers, and senior staff.

This indicates that your Mac can’t find the Nucleus Core. I would start by checking some of the basics:

  1. Is your Nucleus powered on? If not press the power button to turn it on.

  2. Does the Nucleus have an active Ethernet connection to the router or switch? The lights on the back, connecting to the Ethernet port should be flashing.

  3. Is your Mac on the same network as the Nucleus? I would ensure that you haven’t accidentally connected to a “guest” network of sorts.

  4. Is the Nucleus Web UI accessible?

Let’s start with the answers to the above questions, and we can proceed with troubleshooting from there. Thanks!

All on board - Thank you!! Somehow, during the Roon 1.7 or Mac OS Catalina update, the connection to the Roon Nucleus Plus was lost. I re-downloaded and installed the original software, powered all off then on again and IT WORKS!!! Music…and happiness, back in the house!!! Appreciate you all.

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Hi @Brandon_Coleman_Jr,

Thanks for sharing the good news with us! If you have any further issues feel free to reach out again.

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