Roon won't play anything

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I recently added a Nucleus and, after a few issues, everything was playing nicely. By everything I mean I was able to access music from my NAS, from Tidal and from Qobuz. Yesterday morning my NAS dropped out. I couldn’t access it with Roon or from my PC. Three calls to Western Digital later and it was back with a new IP address. Whilst the NAS was off-line I was able to access Tidal and Qobuz.
At the end of the last call to Western Digital this morning I was able to see the NAS with Roon and everything appeared ok, sort of.

Via my iPhone when searching for Umphrey’s McGee it couldn’t see the albums I have on my NAS, but when I went to my PC I was able to locate them. I was then able to set the music playing. Around this time I ripped a two CD albums to my NAS, along with a downloaded album. An hour later, and from then on, they hadn’t shown up in my Roon library. At the end of the last song on the album that I had started playing earlier everything stopped. The next album I had put in the queue was visible but it wouldn’t play (it was a Qobuz selection).
And that’s it. Nothing is playing, not from the NAS, or from Tidal or Qobuz. And the two recent additions to the NAS are still not showing up?

Should I do a restart of the Nucleus as a first move, do you think?


I would restart the Nucleus.

If you are not able to play Tidal or Qobuz material, that has nothing to do with anything happening on your NAS.

You didn’t mention, but, I assume you changed nothing else on your network.

Oh yes, I realise that the NAS and the streaming services are not otherwise interconnected in terms of the issue.
I did the turn it off/turn it back on again trick and, Hey Presto!, everything is working fine again. Where would I be without having watched The I.T. Crowd?
Thank you for responding.



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