Roon won't play in the evening

I’m trying out Roon lossless on the free trial, running it with Tidal on a Windows 10 laptop connected to my DAC and controlled with my iPad. It seems to work fine during the day and late at night. But it doesn’t work at all during the “prime-time” evening hours. When I try to play something from Tidal or my library it just skips through the tracks without playing them. I don’t think the problem is in my wireless service. It’s running at 150mbps, and I don’t have any problem streaming HD movies over other services. Perhaps Roon has a bandwidth issue during these prime-time hours?

What speed you are connected at for wifi might not be the complete picture of your tidal connectivity. Is anyone else in the house using data at the same time?

Try running a test on and see what results you get to cities nearby you at different times of the day.

Temporarily connect the Roon server via Ethernet to see if the issue is resolved?

Maybe if you take it out for dinner with a good bottle of wine…

Well, time of day doesn’t seem to make much difference lately. Roon/Tidal seems to work fine about 2/3 of the time. The other 1/3 of the time it just skips through the names of the tracks it’s supposed to be playing, with no sound at all, or it will play each track for about 5 seconds and then flash a message that the “track is unavailable in Tidal” before moving on to the next track. The last two times it wasn’t working, SpeedTest showed my wireless speed at 134 Mbps and 177 Mbps.