Roon Won't Play Music On iMac

Roon Core Machine

Mac OS latest Monterey 12.6
Nucleus latest version
Roon latest version

Networking Gear & Setup Details

On EEROS via ethernet hi speed

Connected Audio Devices

fiio usb dac/wired to Kef speakers

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

since latest update hit play on a song and it shows the play button next to song but nothing down on the wavform thing moving. no audio playing.
restart roon same thing. restart nucleus same thing.
then after messing with it can get music to play then it happens again when I come back to play music again.
right now the blue line in waveform now playing box whatever you call it is just moving back and forth like it’s searching.
this has been going on since update and now worse. really tired of roon doing this esp when we pay high price for it.
please help and thank you

Try restarting Roon Core and the Client app, that may resolve your issues. If still a problem, try powering down the core machine, reboot your router & network devices, power up the core & try again.
There’s no guarantees but this process often resolves problems.

Hi and thanks for the reply. Yes I restarted iMac and Nucleus and it works, but then problem returns at some point. It’s really a pain just trying to play some music now.

But, did you also restart your network devices?

No I didn’t. I will do that. Thank you.


Hi @James_Cortez,

Just checking in on you to see if things have improved. Please let me know if not and note the date/time for me if you would. I will be happy to review diagnostics from Roon’s side.


thank you @Wes sorry for delay been busy.
Playing music today and just lost connection again. ‘‘looking for roon core’’

I’m beginning to think it’s the nucleus. seems to happen on a large artist catalog. Like I just switched artist page to Elvis Presley where I have a lot of albums and it loses connection.

That is 335pm PT on 11/12/2022 so I guess 330 when it happened.
Thanks very much

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