Roon won't play when connecting through Dell Docking Station USB 3.0

When I plug my monitor, speaker and storage devices into my Dell Docking Station - USB 3.0, Roon won’t play. I select an album and it starts playing all the tracks very quickly in succession and the album is done in a matter of seconds. No sound comes out. If I plug everything back directly to the PC and bypass the docking station, Roon plays just fine. I can play iTunes using the docking station, but not Roon.
Attached is an image of what I see when i hit the play button:


Roon Version 1.5 (build 363) is installed (64-bit)
Windows 10 Version 1809

Thank you.

Prior to plugging into the dock, how are you connected to your network? - Wireless or Ethernet?

Then after you connect the Dock, then how are you connected to your network? Wireless or Ethernet?

In other words, is this the same network before and after?


Hello @Edwin_Sell,

Can you please provide more information as to the model/manufacturer of your Core? What is the model/manufacturer of your speakers and how are you connecting them (USB/Ethernet) to the Core?

Do you by any chance know if the Dell Docking Station creates it’s own subnet? If it creates it’s own subnet or does other things that may prevent multicast from operating properly this may be the reason why it doesn’t work.

Please let me know the above when possible.


Connected to the network via Ethernet. Same before and after connecting to the Docking station.

When you say Core, I’m assuming you asking who made the PC, correct? It’s Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series laptop. The speakers are Bose Companion 20 PC desktop speakers. As far as a subnet for the Dell Docking Station, I have no idea. The documentation I got was minimal at best; non-existent at worst.

By installing the recommended driver associated with the docking station, that took care of the issue. Thanks for your quick responses, though. Issue can be considered resolved.

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I was trying to establish your network connectivity which was going to identify that your Dock did not have the network drivers installed therefore that was why Roon could not connect. When you installed the associated Docking station drivers you then installed the network drivers allowing Roon to work.

Glad to hear you got it up and running.

Hello @Edwin_Sell,

Glad to hear that installing the driver for the docking station has resolved the issue. Thanks again for contacting support and hope you have a great day!

– Noris

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