Roon won't remember my login

Hey Noris…That’s what you said 12 days ago!
How “active” is “actively looking into?”

Thanks for extending my trial, much appreciated during the waiting time!

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the problem persists

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The problem is being ignored

Hi i am having the same problem here. Roon asks for login every time i open it. I have the core setup on my PC and also trying to play from the same PC. This is unacceptable…

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This issue is being investigated by our QA team and has been escalated to our senior technical team as well.

Our QA team has been working to reproduce this issue in-house, but unfortunately nobody on our team is seeing this issue occur. Our team is spread across the globe with a wide range of setups, but this isn’t something that any of us are able to reliable reproduce, and for most of our customers this behavior isn’t occurring.

I don’t say this to discount any reports of this, or to say that we aren’t actively investigating — What this does make clear is that there are factors at play that make cause a small number of people to experience this while others don’t, and our team is actively working on identifying what these factors may be.

Our QA team continues to test different configurations and our support team continues to collect data from anyone reporting this issue so we can help to identify what these factors may be.

We have a meeting scheduled to further discuss the current status of this issue soon, and we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as soon as we have more information to share.

Thanks you everyone who has reached out about this, and apologies for the continued troubles.

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Hi Dylan,

Might it be that this issue only occurs for people that are still in trial mode? It seems that there are several people who have contributed to this thread - including myself - for whom this is the case.

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Not just those in trial mode, whilst my system is fine, my son’s Roon installation using a PC as the core suffers from this login issue as well - he has a lifetime licence of his own.

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Each day I have to log for opening roon.
I am in trial period.
I un-installed and re-installed roon: it’s the same.
When i purchase the licence, is-it the same ?

If I don’t have internet several days, can I use roon ?

Hello @Pierre_Perriquet, I’ve moved your post here as you are experiencing the same problem as some other Roon users. The Roon devs are actively looking at this problem and will update people here.

Regarding the internet question - yes, you can continue to use Roon with your local library if your internet is down for a few days. Roon needs to check back from time to time but not every day.

Brian…Can i suggest your DEvs also look into whether using a VPN causes this issue?
I know it shouldn’t but it may be a variable to check


I have had this problem during 3 weeks, and it suddently disappears.
I have noticed when looking in the log, that Roon performs a logout after what it seems to me a successful login.
This logout is no more in the logs since it works.
I thing it could be nice to know in which case Roon performs a logout on startup.

Some more experience from my side: I usually turn off my Roon core after a listening session. When I turn it on again on the next day, I have to log in as described above. However, if I turn it on again on the same day, I remain logged in - no additional log-in information is required. So it seems a log-out happens at some point over night…

Just chiming in here to state that I am experiencing the exact same problem: every day, Roon will ask me to re-enter my login credentials.

I am running the trial version on a Mac mini 2018, macOS 10.15.7

well it looks like when my trials ends, and i only use a few days because is terrible have to login each time, i will pickup audirvana!
still having the same problem and with 250000 songs it takes a decade to login each time

I might have found the problem in my particular case. I backed up a rather large amount of data to my personal cloud last night, and noticed that an “unexpected networking error” popped up. So I checked the internet settings of my Fritzbox 7490 router and found that a “forced disconnect” option was ticked, happening every night between 3 and 4am. So I think this could also make Roon “forget” the log-in data over night. I have disabled this option now and will report back if it solves the log-in problem!

Sheesh, you give up easily.

It’s a bug, not a feature. It’ll get fixed.

Roon is a a server and if you turn it off, it will rescan your entire library. And with a library that size that process will take time.

Unfortunately, changing the internet settings of my router didn’t make a difference… had to log in again this morning.

Hi. I’m using Roon trial and noticed this same behaviour. I run Roon core(server) on my Mac and it forgets the logins once a day. I usually shutdown the machine for nights. Doesnt matter what client it is, both the Mac client and IOS(Ipad) clients asks the password once per day :frowning: What’s worst, it does not have that “autofill / remember” feature, so i need to type it by hand or paste manually.