Roon wont scrape any additional info [Solved]

I’ve always used Roon on my main computer only. I recently made a fresh install on it without backing it. I’ve decided to run RoonServer on my server instead. I can access all of the files and play to everything just as before but now Roon is not scraping for any information. I don’t have artist info or album info. I know they can be identified as its been set up before. I couldn’t find any other thread with a similar problems. Sorry if its been asked before.


Did you remove the Roon install folder on your main computer before installing / reinstalling?

When you installed Roon, did you tell it to be a remote?

I assume your server, where you installed RoonServer, has internet access.

It was basically a fresh install on both computers. I have a RoonServer set up and a remote on the other computer. The computer does have internet access. Even when I attempt to re-identify albums no match can be found, I even try searching by just artist. Its odd.

And, I realized it was something on my end. I shall fall back to the shadows.

Intriguing! Feel free to let us know what it was, in case someone else has a similar issue in the future :wink:

Glad this got worked out!

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I had an HTTP blocking program open.