Roon wont see m3u playlist

Ive dont some searching on here and the problem im having is different than previous posts.

I created an m3u playlist. my directories are as follows:
Watched Folder: D:\Media\FLAC Rename

the playlist is in: D:\Media\FLAC Rename\Playlists
Ive also tried relocating it to just D:Media\FLAC Rename

the music listed in the playlist is under: D:\Media\FLAC Rename\A[Artist]…etc

I’ll also add that it works properly on one pc with my library but not another

Nobody has any feedback? even a roon support person?

Hey @Matthew_Montoya – sorry for the slow response.

Where did you create the playlist? How are you confirming that it works outside of Roon?

Does the playlist show up at all in Roon?

It was created using foobar2000. It does work in one installation of roon.

I’ve tried switching the license to different PC’s (Home PC, Surface Pro 4, and work laptop).

All of them are set up to use the same external hard drive when they are activated as the library computer, same folder structure etc. The only thing that changes between these installations is the drive letter.

Roon can see/play the playlist on my home PC(Windows 10 self built). However my work laptop and my Surface Pro 4 fail to see the playlist

On the work laptop and Surface Pro, does it work in foobar2000?

When you add the drive on these machines, everything else in the Watched Folder shows up? It’s just the playlist that fails to appear?

yes, just the playlist is the issue

Can you open the playlist with a text editor (e.g. notepad) and show me a few lines?
I’m successful with relative paths in the playlist, e.g.myplaylist.m3u sits on the root of my Watched folder in a Playlists directory. Its content is:

#EXTINF:409, Tommy Flanagan, Ron Carter, Tony Williams - Blues in the Closet
…\Rip\2010-Q1\Tommy Flanagan, Ron Carter, Tony Williams - The Trio\11 - Blues in the Closet.flac
#EXTINF:298, Etienne M’Bappe - Dangwa
…\DLs\2010-Q2\Etienne MBappe - Su La Take (2008)\Etienne M’Bappe 01 Dangwa World Su La Take.mp3
#EXTINF:283, The Great Jazz Trio - Six and Four
…\DLs\2010-Q2\The Great Jazz Trio - Autumn Leaves (2003)\08 - Six and Four.flac

The … means go one level up in the directory hierarchy from the playlists folder.