Roon won't start after latest DSM 7 update

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS220+

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear GS 105, Wired

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Node 2,accessing thru PC and IOS on iPhone

Number of Tracks in Library

aprox 20 000 tracks

Description of Issue

After updating my Synology NAS to latest DMS version the other day my Roon stopped working, when trying to access it from both iPhone and PC it just hangs on the start up loading screen, just showing the the loading icon.

After reading thru some forum posts here I updated to latest Roon version for Synology (RoonServer_Synology_DSM7_x86-64_20220216.spk) and followed install instructions, but I still have the same issue. When I stop the Roon core on the server, I get an error messege from my phone that the connetion to the core is lost, but on starting it I only come back to the same loading screen.

Uninstalled the Roon app on my phone and reinstalled it and when i started it it finds my core and connects, but i still can’t access it.

Any pointers in the right direction are much appreciated!
Kind regards!

Tagging @crieke your thoughts?

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So this is kinda weird… been browsng thru the log files and found some metions of “dirty” tracks and did some deep diving into what that means - again, this forum is a great source of knowledge - and my idea was that my tracks needed more analyzing and that this was the case for the time out/long load time. I stopped and reinstalled Roon server again and this time i pointed Roon to a new fresh and empty music directory on my NAS and voila! after installing the Roon application on both my PC and iPhone started up instantly - and this is what surprised me - all my song was showing and was playable from the old directory.

Not sure why this worked tbh, but hope it helps if someone have the same issues :slight_smile:

Happy listening all!

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