Roon won't start playing [Resolved]


my problem might have been addressed before, but as I have no idea of how to name it, I don’t know how to search for it. So, sorry for a post that was here before!

My setup: QNAP NAS with Roon server software and Roon clients on my Mac and iPad. Everything was working fine until today.

Yesterday I upgraded the QNAP’s firmware software and shut down my NAS until this morning. After fireing up the system I hit the play button in the app of an album and Roon just went through the songs without playing. It says “Playing 7 songs…:” and every song was shown in the down part of the window with its name but instead of playing the song, Roon just went on to the next one and to the next one, etc.

I then restarted the Roon server on the QNAP without a change. It happens on both apps, iPad and Mac and with all songs.

Any ideas?

Hi @Bernd_Eichhorn ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us!

Moving forward, based on your report it sounds like you are experiencing this issue when you’re streaming to your Mac and iPad clients, is this correct? OR are you experiencing this behavior with a different audio zone? If it is the latter please describe the endpoint(s) in detail so I know what exactly what you are working with.

Additionally, if you are making use of TIDAL, what is the experience like with TIDAL based content?


Sorry Eric, I was very unprecise with my description. I stream via USB to my DAC. Mac and iPad apps only are remote controls.

BUT: I got out of bed half hour ago and turned off everything before my shower and turned it on again just a few minutes ago. Now I waited an extra long time before turning on the next box in my chain (NAS, DAC power supply, DAC, loudspeakers) and here we go: it works again. I haven’t done many restarts of my system when it worked correct and know I have to fire up all parts in a specific order - otherwise Roon won’t even see my DAC. I guess esecially my LH Geek Pulse DAC and power supply are very specific about the delay between the one and the other being switched on.

Anyway: It works again and as in most cases: nothing wrong with Roon!

Thanks for reading, thinking and answering!


Thank you for the follow up and providing the requested information. The clarification and insight are both appreciated!

Very pleased to hear things are now stable after rebooting the elements of your setup. I am going to be closing this thread out and marking it as resolved. If you happen to run into this issue again please just drop me a PM and I will be glad to open the thread back up for further troubleshooting.

Happy listening!