Roon wont sync tidal playlist. (tried everything

Just made a trail account to tryout Roon.
To be honest am quite dissapointed, main reason being Tidal playlist not updateing.

Am running newest Roon Core version
Tried the following;
logging on and of with Tidal within Roon
Delete the cache
Force a manuel sync

Am not willing to pay for a service that is not working.

Are other parts from TIDAL visible in Roon? (Favourite albums etc.)

My playlists and history,albums and more are all visable as far i can see.

Have you made certain albums favorite in the Tidal app? And do you see these in Roon after a manual synchro?

@Jan_Willem Yes they are there fully, although missing a chunk of every playlist.

That is strange indeed. Did you tried ‘uitschakelen’ too?

@Jan_Willem I have not tried that one. Just tried it now not seeing any changes :frowning:

If (for testing) you make a new album favourite in the Tidal app, is it visible in Roon after you have synchronised it manually (in Roon)?

Maybe something wrong at Tidal. Don’t know. It’s working fine in my Room (sorry Roon).

It that the case it hope it gets fixed soon :smiley:

Hey @wichert,

Welcome to Roon :wave:

(12 days too late… :pleading_face:)

Thanks so much for giving Roon a try and for joining in on the community for help. Has this issue been worked out since you posted?

I’m hoping to find out!

PS: Thanks @Jan_Willem for offering such great help in the meantime :pray:

Nope I have like 30 or 50 playlists between 30 or 3000 songs each.

Even small playlists are missing stuff. And newly added stuff was not synchronized either.

Did everything what was recommended out there my roon os was functioning fine :slightly_smiling_face: I know my way around those things cuZ I manage servers for the living.

Thanks for the super prompt reply, @wichert.

While I was hoping for better news, I’m glad we’re finding out where things stand. I have moved your thread in our technical team’s queue, as they can help a lot more than I.

I appreciate the context and your willingness to make this work :pray:

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