Roon you rock , really!

Hello Community,
I just warnt to Share today, how much love I‘ve for this software.

It really rocks and I Love it.

And no this posting isn‘t a paid one.

You can count me a hardcore audiophile, I‘ve seen and heard it all (maybe call it most of it) . When it comes down to software, the audiophile stuff really sucks in up 99%. But not Roon.

Today I‘ve setup up a Devialet Phantom 2 pice stereo setup in the living room for Casual listening and for my wife as easy to use audio gear. The bass was to heavy due to room limitations, just set up a parametric EQ and was done with it, it worked out. Took me 5 minutes, great sound happy wife while airplaying to Phantom‘s

Please Roon staff Keep up the Great work.

Only thing that makes me nervous a bit are the rumours about tidal running out of money.


I agree. I´m a musician. SInce mid 80´s I had been using profesional gear related to audio recording, both in proffesional studios and my home studio ( Cubase Pro&Nuendo Soft+RME hard). Since beggining of the year I´m searching for audiophile tools to just enjoy all the music I love at home with as much quality as I can. Then I discover Roon+Tidal Hifi experience. Yet testing all the possibilities, I must say it´s been an amazing, clean, beautiful experience. Pristine audio quality and user experience. No way going back. No way going back to non looseless stream services (sorry Spotify, google music…) or return to the plain limited software that the different music stream plataforms offers.

The biggest congratulations to Roon team, really. Also support in this Forum, from Roon staff or other Roon´s users, is really great and much apreciated.

Like you, I´m also a bit worry about news related to problematic Tidal´s sostenibility in the near future. Hope they are just not true.

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