Roon zone disappearing and then re-appearing

@spockfish could I ask for some help?

I have a Ropieee zone (using a Hi Fi Berry DAC2 HD hat) which occasionally stops playing. When this happens the zone disappears briefly - and then re-appears.

The Pi is connected by Ethernet.

The most recent case was at 14:26

Here is the feedback afe2759ec44edb34

Would be grateful for any advice on what might be wrong (I’m pretty sure the problem isn’t Ropieee?).

My home automation re-starts the playback on this zone if it stops and should be playing.

The Pi doesn’t seem to be rebooting.

Hi @GregD

Sorrry for the late response, I missed your post.

What I see is that at 14:26 your ethernet connection drops.
After 15 seconds it comes back online.

For sure this is not on your Pi side, so I suggest you have a look at your router/cabling etc.


Fantastic - thanks Harry.