Roon zone grouping with 2 systems in the same room (stereo + subwoofer)?

I was wondering if you could have two roon endpoints set up as a group in one room. But, one endpoint is stereo. And the other endpoint is only the subwoofer.
I would put in the room correction files.
I was hoping this would work. I would have both devices hard wired.

Nice idea, I would fear timing, you can correct that, but if it is random? I had 2 endpoints in the same room grouped together just for fun. I’m curious how this will work out.

I think you’d need an endpoint with multichannel functionality, connected to something with multichannel functionality.

This has been discussed in other threads and Roon’s Danny said this.

dannyDanny DulaiRoon Labs: COO

Jun '20


While the zone syncing is good enough for multiple rooms, it’s not good enough to do sync between channels. You will probably get drift and this will not sound right.

You will need to run a cable or use a speaker/sub setup that supports wireless sync that is meant for this.

I know @mitr is familiar with this, but for everyone else, this concept is basically making Roon be the crossover by using Roon’s DSP and channel routing .

This requires a multichannel sound device to pull off, but the flexibility and control you get in this approach is awesome.


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