Roon Zones capacity


what is the number of simultaneous streams allowed for a Nucleus+?

i see in the description the regular has ‘up to 6’ , but the N+ only says ‘more than 6’.


That depends on what DSP is being used on each stream,

thank you.

please let me know the number based on no dsp usage.

I can run 9 simultaneous zones on my non nucleus ROCK it’s processor is less capable than the N+.

@brb9, is this theoretical or something you are planning in practice?

in theory… 20 should be safe… at some point it’ll come down to network bandwidth and your storage medium’s performance

Danny, how many raat’s in grouped zones would work?

Using a Nucleus + with the recommended SSD installed. No DSP at all.

There are no limits in Roon related to this stuff. As I stated, you will run into other environmental issues first. Typical usage, even for large homes is easy achievable.

If you are doing something unusual, let’s hear about the details and I’ll tell you what you should be concerned by.

Your Roon core computer will melt.