Roon1.8; two topics that say it all

I think that this 1.8 raised a lot of expectation.
Increased by the marketing strategy of making announcements and daily pills…
That’s why maybe the disappointment is so extreme.

I like roon.
But in roon 1.8 i cannot see any of the main (older and more relevant, clearly in MY opinion) requests of the community.
On the other hand, most of the novelties are really in the spirit of roon… but quite sadly are effective only for Tidal or Qobuz subscribers (i just have my library, so no “discography”, no “in their prime”, no “suggested albums” and none of the other new boxes connecting various releases.

My plus for 1.8 are:
-focus, yes
-it seems (but i’m not sure) that there’s a better matching of metadata… it seems that there are less errors
But overall, from my point of view, yes i am quite disappointed by 1.8.

Basically the aim of this forum should be to solve problems and ask for new features. So it seems to me quite obvious that great part of the posts are negative.


So you actually don’t want to just “find and play my music”

Pardon; I misquoted, but you still get credit for the comment. What the study said was what you intimated. It was six times more likely that you would receive a complaint than a complement. :slight_smile:

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I always shake my head when sellers expect I heap praise on them by comitting 5 stars, 7 hearts or god-knows-what. I just plain vanilla expect to get the goodies that I paid for in a functioning state and timely fashion.

If thats not the case, hell kicks loose :rofl::rofl:

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Well actually yes I do, to find (includes discover) and play music, to wherever and whatever I have endpoint wise.

Why are you being so challenging? Why are you being confrontational? I said what I mean, read my words and don’t extend it in other directions to suit some weird addenda. I know how to speak English, my words are clear and plain, don’t misrepresent them.

I am done with this forum.

So what we are saying is that people who are unhappy with something are 20 times more likely to make vociferous noises about it than the people who are happy with something are likely to be pontificating its virtues?

More a sad reflection of present day society than a flaw of Roon 1.8…

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Statistically, those who are unhappy are much more likely to comment or post a review on a product or service than those who are happy. It’s a fact of life. So the ratio of haters:lovers is to be expected.

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Yes, but you clearly have more requirements than just playing and finding. Others have other requirements than you, which are also more than just playing and finding. Just like you, they also have no free options that they chose Roon. So IMHO it would be good to consider that theirs are just as valid.

Not sure why you think I am being “so confrontational”, this was my first reply to you, made because I disagree, and I don’t believe it was overly confrontational. It is to be be expected that one’s post are challenged, its the same for everyone. In particular if you dismiss other people’s views because all is fine for you.

People complain about the most minor of things. This software rollout is a great example.

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Why are people called haters just for posting negative comments or thought? Seems to me like the people who are fans take things to extremes just like the haters they hate! But seriously, if I don’t like the update why should I be lambasted for my impressions? As it so happens I really dislike it it but that’s my problem and I will have to deal with it. And btw my uneducated feeling is that the ratio of dislikes to likes We are seeing here seems way higher than any statistics concerning negative to positive reviews on the internet.

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Balanced view is that there are some cool new features but there are also lots of bugs and issue for many people that are real and kind of a pain to deal with. And I include myself in that list. Way too many bugs for a modern software release. Someone was sleeping in the QA department. lol

I’ve been around internet forums for a bit to know this is to be expected.

I love the passionate arguments, and I guess the Roon guys feel the same way. It shows people are invested in the software (also paying for it).

I just see it as amusement. Life’s too short!

Put me in the negative camp :slight_smile: I ended up cancelling my Roon Subscription after 4 years, as well as my Tidal Hifi Sub. Just couldn’t get it to work for me properly after the update. Didn’t want to spend $30 combined a month on something that I couldn’t enjoy esp when I was already paying for Spotify as well…

I probably should have stuck to Local Flacs on Roon but got addicted to Tidals library and exposure to new music. :slight_smile:

I have a relatively simple setup, 80% of my listening through DAC attached to core via USB, rest is through RoPieee boxes spread throughout the house, and I like the new look and the new features. I’ve had absolutely no issues. My sympathy to those who are experiencing problems, I’ve had them with Roon before with little success, but this update leaves me very happy.

After the latest core updates in the last couple of days - there actually have been two, I am now on build 764 (on Win 10) - my end points no longer disappear! Which was my main complaint. So, so far so good and hope it stays this way! :slight_smile:

If you have not updated yet, do so.

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I’m a fairly rudimentary user of Roon, even after a couple of years, having found what works for me and stuck with it. There remain annoyances, but I tend to assume these reflect my failure to look more deeply into the functionality – such as the tendency to overwrite my tagging, and provide different covers to albums in the same set (for instance, David Zinman’s recordings of the nine Beethoven symphonies). But it is endemic to streaming software, as far as I can tell, that it is not optimized for people who primarily listen to classical music, or albums as a whole.

The one thing I’d say about 1.8 is that, after some initial frustration (when it apparently made my core unsearchable by my iPad; fixed it after some chicanery in Roon setup), I like the fact that “more” scrolls down, not across. A small enough thing, but far more intuitive to me when I’m looking at a large set of albums.

I leave it to others to articulate the problems they have with the thing; a divergent set of opinions such as the one you cite is – irrespective of the response numbers; and some of the “failure” responses may be arguing the contrary, I haven’t the time to find out – I think indicative of highly-motivated users who have specific expectations, some of which are thwarted or messed with by software updates. This is characteristic of software development; it may be that the Roon people have misread their users, but my assumption – and perhaps I’m too generous – is that they have better access to the data on that than we do.