Roonappliance high load while idling

@support what does roonappliance do all day long?
I haven’t had a look at my syno since some weeks… but today I encountered that roonappliance causes a high load even if nothing gets played nor does roon add albums or analyse something in the background.
Never seen thing before but it might be normal and I missed it in the past since not always looking what happens on my NAS as long as all works fine (which it does).

Is the NAS used as a roon server or just as a music storage location?

used as both

One thing it does is constantly monitoring the library storage for changes so I guess it is using cycles as the server and the disk controller.
Other users who use NAS storage have complained that the NAS never goes to sleep because of the access.

You might have been right since the high load did go in line with a high network load 9 against 1 when looking at the bandwidth was receiving stuff not sending.
Perhaps roon’s santa present was just delivered…hahaha. Ready to get activated on xmas eve.
Now it idles again …4-10% cpu load which is remember to be normal.

thanks for sharing your ideas about this

Hello @StefanB,

I am thinking that @ged_hickman1 was on point here with his observation and this was likely due to monitoring the watched folders or updating metadata in the background but if you do notice this behavior again please let me know the exact local time that it occurs at (ex.9:18PM on 12/11/18) and then we can enable diagnostics mode for your account and take a look to see if anything strange is happening in the background.


@noris no problem, this likely happened/happens regularly, can’t say since I’m not watching/tracking my NAS all day long.
I only wanted to find out what’s happening, since I would have assumed that I might find a small rotating circle in the upper right corner of the bridge telling me “servicing” or such like.
I was a bit ancious my NAS would peramently run with that load since days and for the next weeks, so I wanted to find out the cause.
While I replied to ged_… it started to idle, since so everything fine.

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