"RoonAppliance" prevents Mac Mini from sleeping [Resolved]


Is there any progress on this issue as my Mac Mini seems to suffer from the same problem. RoonAppliciance prevents the MAC from going to sleep even though playback has stopped. I can see in the activity monitor that RoonApplicance is keeping the Mac awake.


Hi @Richard_Verhart ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is always appreciated! I have split your post out to it’s own thread so we can address your question with you directly.

Moving forward, can you please verify for me that you are still making use of the same setup and secondly would you kindly please provide a screenshot of the “energy saver” settings you are using on the mentioned MacMini.

Additionally, was the experience with your core machine different in the past? The reason I ask is because as you know the Roon core is going to be doing all the “thinking” for your Roon setup and this device should remain active so you can access/play your library at all times.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for your quick reply. You are right, my setup did change recently. I have changed my USB DAC from and AVM V30 to an Esoteric D-07. I don’t seem to be able to add a screenshot in my post, hence some description of my settings:

  • Mac Mini Server i7 mid 2011 with OSX 10.3.3
  • Energy saver settings computer and display sleep set at 1 minute

I did some further testing and I noticed the following:

  • Directly after boot Roon Server is running, but also cannot put the Mac to sleep
  • After playing one CD (playback stopped, no pause) RoonAppliance shows up in the activity monitor, with the column ‘Preventing Sleep’ set to ‘Yes’

In both situations I cannot get my Mac Mini to sleep as I used to do: neither by selecting the Sleep command from the Apple menu or pressing the power button briefly.

I start to suspect that the Esoteric keeps the Mac awake instead of Roon. Could that be the case?

Thanks and best regards,

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Okay, I did some more testing and it gets even more weird:

  • The Mac Mini will NOT go to sleep with the Esoteric connected to the most right USB port (of four, seen from the back)
  • The Mac Mini DOES go to sleep more with the Esoteric connected to the second USB port from the left seen from the back

Nevertheless, in the second case the Mac Mini goes to sleep and then wakes up after 5 seconds or so. Also when I disconnect the DAC, the same happens. Also trying to connect to the DAC though optical fiber, does not change this behaviour. So it is definitely the Mac mini that is acting weird.

I think I was to quick in pointing at Roon. Sorry Eric. :blush:

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So, after cleaning up my Mac Mini with CleanMyMac 3 the problem is gone. I removed some unused applications and apparently there was one running in the background that prevented the Mac from going to sleep. With a clean Mac and Roon on it, things now work as a breeze.

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Thanks for touching base and sharing the observations made during your testing. Very appreciated @Richard_Verhart!

I am going to be marking this thread as “resolved” and closing it out. Should anything else come up related to this issue please just send me a PM and I will be glad to re-open in order to continue troubleshooting.

Happy listening!