RoonAppliance process 450MB!

Running on Mac Sierra the process RoonAppliance is using 450MB and has been as high as 550MB. What is it doing with all that memory?

Surely an indexing program does not need all that? Is it just dotNet bloat?

Hi @Steve_Waterworth,

Can you provide some details on your Core machine?

If you restart the Core machine and view RoonAppliance after a fresh reboot how much memory is it using?

Have a look at the screenshot. This is on a Mac mini running Sierra. iTunes also provides music serving capabilities and a UI is only 132MB. The same is true after a reboot.

Hi @Steve_Waterworth,

Thanks for the screenshot. As far as memory usage goes, this is normal for Roon. Take a look at our KB article on Roon Cores. Specifically:

For a typical music library, Roon is tracking millions of objects–everything from tracks and albums to works, performances, labels, genres, credits, and a dozen other kinds-of-things. Modern CPUs, generous memory allotments, and modern solid state disks are enabling technologies for software like Roon.

Under the hood, Roon is a professional grade database that manages hundreds of thousands to millions of metadata entities in order to represent a typical music collection, so this type of memory usage isn’t unexpected here.

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out!