RoonARC: How to download missing tracks in an updated playlist [Resolved with ARC 2.0.1]

How can I ensure all tracks are downloaded in a playlist which has been updated since I first downloaded the playlist to my iPhone in RoonARC?

Scenario - much of my out-of-house listening is in places where mobile coverage is limited, so I like to have a selection of albums pre-downloaded to my phone in RoonARC. I can manually download each album, but I thought it would be easier to just add the album to a playlist in Roon desktop, and then there’s just one playlist to download on my phone.

This worked perfectly for the first set of albums in the playlist.

However, I have since added more albums to the playlist and don’t see any way to tell RoonARC to download the tracks which aren’t downloaded. Is there any way to tell RoonARC to check that all tracks in a playlist are downloaded and download any missing tracks?

In the meantime, I can just all downloads and start again, but it would be nice if I could just update tracks downloaded for any given playlist.

Hi @markauk,

There was a known issue with playlist updates not syncing for downloaded playlists in ARC. Please let me know if you still experience this after updating to the latest build (ARC 2.0.1, release notes here).

Thanks @connor - all working perfectly now.

Is there a known issues list to check against before reporting bugs?

Hi @markauk,

Great question. Roon aims for a two-week release cycle to decrease turnaround time for known issues; in a perfect world, the place to check for known issues would be the Release Notes page in #roon of the most recent update before updating your system.

For longstanding issues, we’ll generally pin a post in #support and add [Roon Investigating], [Ticket In], or [Fix Upcoming], depending on the internal progress status. The team will rapidly merge reports into these pinned posts so users signing onto Community are aware of their status. Since ARC is so new, we have yet to integrate it into this structure in the support section. Known issues will be signposted appropriately within the next few weeks, however.

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