RoonArc wake Mac Mini Server?

I bought a 2014 Mac Mini to be a dedicated ROON server now that ARC is available. It’s setup and works great with one issue - ARC can’t seem to wake it.

I did set the Mini to Wake on network, and if I connect from another Mac via Finder Server Connect it wakes and is fine in about 10 seconds. But If I just hit it via ARC, it cannot find the CORE. (If I do the server connect first, RoonARC is fine obviously.)

What can I set on the Mac Mini or on ROON Server SW or on RoonArc so that the Mini will respond when ARC calls?

Hi Craig,

take a look at this thread and in particular the post about the Amphetamine App, that may resolve your problem. It sounds like a problem with waking from sleep, I don’t think Arc will wake the Mac (but may be wrong).

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Thanks! Installed and sounds like the thing I needed.

Appreciate the assistance!

I would delete this post but this forum is weird.