RoonARC - What I miss

First: Arc works like a charm. Stable the whole day.
Congratulations Team Roon! This is a great addition which adds lots of value.

I would like the ability to switch between 2 cores. I maintain two cores with a rather different content, so that would be great.
Then I miss my tags and bookmarks. I very much organized my setups around these two Roon features.
These are minor complaints, compared to what we got here.


you could try setting one core to use 55000 and the other 55001 plus port forward for the two ports and see if the arc client gives you the option to choose a core.

(I doubt if roon have thought about a multiple core option yet though)

I did that already, but…
If I want to switch cores right now, I have to erase the ARC app, download it again and then log into the second core.


It’s probably ^^^ then

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Maybe you could use a phone for one core and tablet for the other??

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Yes, this is a momentary help. I use an ipad6 mini for the second core.
Still, later in the life of RoonARC I would like to see a switching possibility for my Iphone.
The lack of a switching possibility doesn’t bother me very much, atm. It is a quest for completeness of my setup.

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this may be easier than deleting and reinstalling the app:

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What I miss:

DSP - I will be using Roon ARC when on the go and using headphones therefore I would the like ability to set the DSP and convolution filter for the headphones that I am using with Roon ARC.


I’m missing bookmarks and tags (track tags). Album tags are in Arc (under Info). I hope bookmarks and track tags will be added to Arc.

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I’ve concluded that I miss Roon. ARC is less ‘Roon on the Go’ and more ‘Access your Roon Library remotely’. I find that the Roon features I use most (browsing streaming services, tags and bookmarks) aren’t replicated well or at all on ARC. Meanwhile, my remote use case (Android phone or DAP) are kneecapped by the Android Audio resampling weirdness. Still, really nice to access and play files from my server anywhere.

Need a web player or desktop app so we can use ARC from a laptop on the go.


Yes agree that an Arc desktop app is needed, especially with Arc’s stripped functionality at launch. It’s not quite the full Roon experience away from home. Whilst I’ll take Arc on the go over Tidal or Qobuz apps for ease of access to my local library, there is plenty of room for improvement. But as a v1, Roon has done a good job. I’m confident Arc will turn into something special over time.

Roon ARC is not a replacement for Roon, it’s in addition to Roon. Roon still works the same as before and has all the features as before except for the requirement for “always on” internet access.

Roon ARC is for using Roon on your phone when away from home. As such, it doesn’t have or need all the features of your at home Roon.

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Yes, to be honest, ARC without DSP for different headphones is nearly “useless”, because to get a stream to the personal music storage is possible with lots of other software on the market.
The only positive in comparison with others is, that the database is in “one hand”.
ROON is, without doubt, a system what is developed because of the strong datacollection. But ARC will not be a really good product, without the DSP for different speakers or using of folding filters with collected room informations in the car, the office or the different headphones.

Resetting the ARC app leads to a restart with the same core. You can’t change the core

Plenty of people don’t use DSP or use the one built into their headphones/head units and so will be happy as is.
DSP is on the roadmap anyway.


Thanks. I understand what ARC (currently) is and is not. You may feel it doesn’t need to behave more like full Roon, but I (and others) would rather it did.

Thinking this doesn’t, in any way, minimize the great achievement that ARC is. I love having remote access to my files - if that’s all we ever get, then we’re better off than we were.


Adding in DSP is going to be tricky as the current roon model does everything in the core. Shifting that to do it in the ARC device will need a whole slew of new code, so I can see why it’s a follow along. :slightly_smiling_face:

@ged_hickman1 You bring up a very good point about using other DSP apps on a mobile for headphones. A few that I use with my iPhone 12Pro Max, meaning these are all iPhone apps, are:

“Headphones”, a Sony specific app for when using my Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones

“SoundID”, while not specifically limited to the Drop+Panda headphones, the app only fully works with the Panda and a few other headphones.

“MIY”, a Beyerdynamic DSP app that I use with my Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless headphones.

For what it’s worth, of the three headphones mentioned above I like the overall sound of the Amiron the best but since the Amiron does not have noise cancelation I use the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones when traveling in a noisy environment, such as on a train or a plane. The Amiron i use at home, while on a walk or in a quiet environment away from home, like a hotel room.

I have the wf and wh so use Headphones myself. Good enough for a mobile (noisy) environment.

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I miss that part where its working :smiley:

Im not sure what to do :frowning: I try some things but im not internet guy :smiley: )