RoonBridge does not find DAC on network

Congratulations to the Roon team for release 1.2. I’m having an issue that I can’t solve:
Setup: Roon 1.2 and RoonBridge running on a MacBook Pro, OS X 10.11.4, music files connected to MacBook Pro via 2TB USB hard file . MacBook Pro connected to network via ethernet connection. CH Precision C1 DAC also connected to network via ethernet connection. I run Roon Remote 1.2 on an iPad for control. I can’t get Roon to recognize the CH Precision C1 DAC so I can’t stream to it. If I don’t run Roon at all and run Minimserver on the MacBook Pro and Plug Player on my iPad for control, I can stream music files with no problem as Plug Player recognizes both Minimserver and the C1 DAC as DLNA devices (server and endpoint respectively). I was hoping that Roon 1.2 with RoonBridge and Roon Remote were capable of supporting this configuration but I can’t get it working. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Why are you installing Roon and Roonbridge on the same computer? All you would need is Roon Core.

I’m speaking under correction here but I suspect that any ethernet capable DAC that’s not RoonReady is not going to be seen by Roon Server or Roon Bridge as an audio device. If you connect it via USB, SPDIF etc. different story.

Jeff, Evan,
Thanks for the reply. I’m running Roon and RoonBridge on the same computer hoping that RoonBridge would find my network connected DAC. As Evan points out, if I connect my DAC to the MacBook Pro via USB, all I need running is Roon Core and remote and all is well. I’m trying to get the streaming input on my DAC to work because it sounds great and I can move the computer into another room away from my system. I’m hoping Roon support can help but so far Evan’s response is what I’m experiencing.

Hi Ralph,

RoonBridge is intended to run on a device other than the Core. It then exposes the connections from that device as Roon zones that can be selected as network zones from any Roon Control.

Your C1 DAC would show up as a network zone if it was RoonReady or was AirPlay compatible. Roon doesn’t support DLNA for a variety of reasons (search DLNA on the forum for further explanation/discussion).

Until the C1 becomes RoonReady you will either have to connect it to the Core on your MacBook Pro directly, or to a device that can run Roon as a Remote or RoonBridge, that device can then be connected by Ethernet and will show up as a network zone in Roon.

The SonicOrbiter SE is a currently available RoonReady Ethernet in, USB or Toslink out device. It is based on a CuBox-i and it is now possible to install RoonBridge on the CuBox-i (or a variety of other similar low spec Linux devices) for those who wish to DIY.

Thanks for the response and clarification. Until the C1 DAC is RoonReady, it looks like USB connection is the only way to go.

@rsorren1 Just to be clear, the Roon Ready has to come as part of an update from your DAC manufacturer. So you should get in touch with them and ask what plans they have to make that DAC RoonReady.

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