RoonBridge on RPi strange audio setup behaviour - UUID? [SOLVED]

Hi guys, I installed RoonBridge on a fresh SD card with Raspbian Jessie Lite. Configured support for the IQ Audio DAC+ that’s connected to the RPi. Got it all working just fine.

Since I have 2x of these RPi + IQ Audio DAC+ setups I cloned the above SD card to save time setting up the second one. Changed the hostname and IP address of the second one.

With only one RPi RoonBridge on the network RoonServer see’s the device and I can enable it in Audio Setup just fine.

As soon as I add the second RPi RoonBridge to the network things start to go weird. Only a single RPi RoonBridge will ever show up in Audio Setup with a hostname and IP address that alternates between the two RPi RoonBridge’s.

Since I cloned the SD card both RPi’s have identical UUID’s for the partitions on the SD card.

Is RoonBridge using partition UUID’s to identify itself to RoonServer? This is the only thing I can find that could be causing this confusion.

From a networking perspective it shouldn’t cause any issues, which you can confirm using nmap to see that both devices appear on your network (use your IP range): nmap -sP

To change the UUID you can generate a UUID and apply it to the card in question by loading the card in a card reader:

uuidgen sudo tune2fs /dev/sdX -U insert_generated_UUID_here

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Not exactly the partition UUID, but you’re on the right track.

RoonBridge generates and writes out a unique id into its data directory on first run and uses that to identify itself to RoonServer. Clear out /var/roon on the second device (or hunt down and delete the RAATServer/Settings/unique_id file) and it will generate itself a new one next time it starts up.


@brian thanks for that - I’m in Roon nirvana once again :slight_smile:

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