RoonBridge will now only run headless on Macbook [Solved]

I have recently been moving and have not had my stereo up in a couple of months. RoonBridge will now only run headless. I am able to control from my phone but cannot get the app to open on my Macbook. I upgraded to Sierra since the last time I used it and this might be the problem. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of RoonBridge but this did not solve the problem. Is there any way to control Roon from my Mac.

Just to be certain I have this correct.

You have a MacBook connected to a DAC for audio output and you also want to be able to use this machine as a remote?

If that’s the case then RoonBridge isn’t the correct software to install. It only creates an output device and has no interface.

If you remove RoonBridge and replace it with the full version of Roon you’ll get what you’re looking for. Just select “I want to use this computer as a remote” when it starts up the first time. From there it will find your core and at the same time present your DAC back to the core as an output device.


It is working great now. Thank you for your help

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