RoonBridge + Windows Home Server

Hello, just installed Roon 1.2 for a test drive and like it OK.

I am running core on my laptop. I have an older RipNAS with Windows Home Server running it and wanted to install Roonbridge on that machine as my DAC is connected to the RipNAS via USB. Idea was to test Roon by streaming hires files from my laptop.

Normally use JRiver installed on the RipNAS with JRemote.

Bridge won’t install (minimum requirements Windows 7) in WHS, so I cannot use my DAC is there any way around that?

Many thanks already



For testing you could connect the USB DAC directly to your laptop.

If you like the results consider getting a network bridge device like a SonicOrbiter SE or if you are ok with a little DIY (software installation) maybe Pi and then load RoonBridge onto it.

Going forwards expect to more RoonReady DAC devices hitting the market from various Roon partners.

For the record, I have RoonBridge running on my WHS. This allows me to use Roon and Spotify without changing inputs on my processor.