Roonlabs Nucleus integration with Sonos

A house with Sonos Multi room system:
Sonos interface is very familiar to so many customers.

What advantages can be found in Nucleus integration in such a system.

Is it possible to integrate a Nucleus in a way that a customer can enter Roon interface from Sonos app, like Spotify?


No the Roon app replaces Sonos app for almost all functions.
I was very sceptical to the benefits of Roon several years ago, but a 2 week trial and I was hooked.

Life is not all plain sailing with Roon and Sonos but it’s all about music discovery and the enjoyment of the Roon app.

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I cover some of this in this two part article series on Copper Magazine:

We have a couple of SONOS zones in our home, and since deploying Roon, we almost never use the SONOS app.

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