RoonOS, can it still run a cloud backup in the background?

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Just a question, I would like to move to RoonOS, just for the sake of trying. Question though: can you still have online backups like iCloud or Google drive?

Backups of what?

No you can’t. Roon only supports DropBox as an inbuilt cloud service for database backups. RoonOS is purely designed to run Roon nothing else.

You need to use another computer to access Roons shared storage if you want to back up music files that are stored on it. Roons DB can only back up to network storage, local storage such as usb stick drive or to DropBox.

I backup my database to my nas, also music files back up to nas. Nas then syncs to OneDrive for both. You could do the same to grdrive using windows or Mac if no NaS.

Sorry, one more stupid question: can I point Roon OS to a networked HD, or does it have to be local?

Like other OSes, Roon OS supports SMB network storage, and will work with most NAS devices and shared folders.

Thanks Geoff. I think i Will give it a try. Mind you, my Roon server under W10 works quite alright but i am just curious. Just to see if it improves audio quality and responsiveness (btw, nothing beats Ethernet cables!!!). Oops, shouldn’t have said that. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I very much doubt that there will be any change in SQ. ROCK is merely the basis for a Roon appliance, rather than running Roon on a general purpose computer. I prefer the appliance approach, but YMMV.