RoonOS will not update and move on from Install page on Intel NUC10i3FNH

Hi, I am at the tail end of installing RoonOS on an Intel NUC10i3FNH and am stuck at a page in the bootup menu. I have accessed the NUC via the IP address on my laptop and android and both say they process the update successfully and make the NUC reboot, but after it still has the same old OS installed and did not actually update. I cannot move on from this page - I am stuck here:

I am new to this and need some guidance getting up and running. I have successfully dropped the codec into the codec file on my laptop after connecting to the IP and things look good there. Also, I think I need another SSD. I have 2 8GB RAM cards in and and one 1TB Gen3 Western Digital NVME M.2 drive with the OS installed on it. I plugged in a USB drive and the web connection is not seeing it. Any help is appreciated.

I did this a month or so ago with a 10i7 .

Follow the knowledge base instructions, some of the BIOS adjustments were tricky.

You might try a fresh download / USB Etcher attempt , it is possible there is some corruption.

I know it’s no help, but mine booted first time, so the step by step is correct. The fact you can see the IP is promising…

Have you powered down disconnected , wait then reboot ?

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ROCK has installed fine, and is running.

Roon Core is still reporting a missing Codec.

Repeat this process, until the Roon Server Software status comes up as OK.

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You’re putting the codec file in the wrong place. You don’t need to have it in the Roon codec folder on your laptop, because it’s being used as a remote. You need to put the codec file in the codec folder on your Intel NUC - because that’s where the Roon Core is running.


The Roon Core on a ROCK installation will see a second 2.5" drive installed internally in a FNH type NUC automatically. If you plug in a USB drive, you need to tell Roon that you have added it yourself.

You do this via the Roon user interface running on a remote (e.g. your laptop) - NOT via the Web Administration interface.

In the Roon UI, go to Settings > Storage and click “Add folder”. You should see a “Choose music storage folder” screen with the USB drive selected as default. Something like this:

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Thanks All for your help. I got it working now and figured out where I went wrong. I had the codec in the right file location, but did not extract it twice. I only extracted it once. Then, I was confused on the server version vs software version. I have the latest of both being server version 1.00 Build 227 and the Software version being 1.8 Build 923.

I was also confused on how the page was supposed to look on the NUC itself when connected to a monitor and all instructions had been completed. I thought I would see the web admin page on the NUC itself but only saw the final CMD-boot looking landing page that shows the server version but not the software version. I thought I had an old version without being able to see their were actually two different versions at play between the server and software you see on the web admin page when successfully setup and viewing on a different computer.

As a first timer, I could have used a few more screenshots of what the page is supposed to look like on the NUC itself and the webadmin page after installing correctly in the listed instructions on the Roon website.

Thank you for all your help everything is working great now!


I am planning to replace current Roon core on a NUC10i3 with a NUC10i7 'cause my library is over 7 TB and growing, also I started using DSP to do room correction. I noticed when running DSP on HD files e.g. 24 bit/192K and 24 bit/384K the playback got stuck occasionally. My questions are 1) will increased computing power (i3 to i7) solve the slow DSP processing issue, and 2) can I just buy a barebone NUC10i7 and plug in the RAM and SSD from current machine into it without having to set up the Rock system again?