RoonReady Releases this fall?

dCS Rossini is also comming soon with Roonready and MQA.
Not your pricerange but that was not the first question, ha ha,


PSAudio DirectStream Junior is $4k. Not cheap, but less than some.

Just do what I did and buy a Mytek Brooklyn. Here in Australia I managed to get one for $2800. DSD and MQA and Roon support and a photo stage too. Superb bit of kit :slight_smile:

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Hello All,

As might be expected, we can’t speak for other companies and their timetables, but I can say the old addage that “If it weren’t for trade shows, no audio products would be released” will bear fruit in the coming months and a number of partners will fall off the “Coming Soon” list and become full-fledged members of the Roon Ready family.

Fall will also find a release or two that have not been anticipated.

The most exciting thing I can say is that we have started working with a third party networked audio module design shop that makes a much less expensive option than is currently available to performance audio manufacturers, which will mean that network capabilities will be available on much less expensive devices than the current generation of partner devices.

This means both that very high-end companies can make less expensive stuff for secondary rooms and that companies making equipment at lower pricepoints can finally add networking to their products.

As with all things, it will take some time for this to be an option that manufacturers know about and then to turn into real things you can buy, but know that we are aware of how important it is to have a full range of prices and functions in Roon Ready devices and we are working to make tools that enable the ecosystem.


Can get a ps audio Jr little cheaper if you opt for the trade in option but maybe not available outside the USA that will save you $1000 usd so well worth it if they accept.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just gotten off the phone with the kids at Lenbrook, and we can now say that all BlueOS enabled devices from Bluesound and NAD will be Roon Ready in an upcoming release.

This is a really exciting development for the Roon Ready partner program, given the breadth of the Lenbrook offerings and the number of roles their devices can fill in a multiroom environment.

They will soon have an official announcement and more details about the timeline.


Congratulations and Cheers! :beers:

Great and congrats. That is a bit of unexpected, but pleasant news. Also for roon, this will extend the reach significantly.

Happy, I did not sell my Node yet.

With Naim, tagging along, it’s been a good couple of days for Roon. Just need to get Deezer to crack open their FLAC catalog :wink:

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Terrific news, as it opens up swathes of useful hardware.

Wish I’d seen this coming so wouldn’t have bought the B&W A5 :astonished:

This is amazing news, and exactly what I was waiting for. I just ordered four Nodes and two Pulses. This is also a MAJOR development, because NAD has now extended BlueOS throughout their line. Essentially every NAD product that has networking or accepts an MDC board will now be a Roon endpoint.

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WOW, this is really really great news!!

I like to believe that our begging for Roon integration over at the Bluesound Forum might have helped a bit ;), but anyway this is going to be a great partnership.

The combination of Roon software and BlueSound hardware (and price point) is a match made in heaven.

I couldn’t be more happy! :grinning:

Wish Devialet would get of their backsides and do the same for their products (Expert line in my case).

Don’t know if they will have it included with the new OS Streamer-board that will be added to the Pro Expert Range next year.

PS Realise the above is the standard whinge about Devialet not incorporating Roon - Sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This honestly is the happiest audio news I have heard in years. I bought into the BluOS family and was not a huge fan of their app… or rather once trying Roon I could not go back to BluOS. Now I don’t need to sell their products and have an option with DACs/Streamers/Integrates across a wide range of price points (from $300 speakers to multi-thousand dollar NAD integrateds/DACS)!

Great move by both companies

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I have a NAD C390DD DAC/Amplifier, and NAD just released a BluOS module that will plug into an available expansion port in my unit. It is not cheap, and I am wondering what real-world benefits having BluOS will really give me over my current system using a PC as the host and a Ipad as a remote controller. Anyone care to give me an informed case for/against going with BluOS?

Very little. Roon will still need to be on another Machine on your network. You willmjust connect to the NAd with an Ethernet cable from a network port rather than connecting your PC to you NAD with USB as you do now.

Some say the direct network connection should sound better. It you will have to try it to know.

The only possible benefit I can think of from the Roon architecture side is that if you hvae other blu os zones they can be synced together and I believe that would also apply to any RAAT zones you may have.

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If you are using Roon in only your main listening room (where the NAD is) then I’d have to agree with PhilR. Unless your belief system says you are exposed to noise transmitted down the USB pipe from the PC (my belief is no), then there is little to benefit from Bluesound (note on semantics… BluOS refers to their software app… you won’t be using it. You will be using the module to receive the Bluesound coded audio).

That said, if you would like to have Roon in multiple rooms, and the ability to group and synchronize, then you will find benefits for Bluesound. Multiple Bluesound devices will play together and (in the near future) will be able to receive signal from Roon and be controlled by Roon as “Endpoints”. My understanding is that multi-room audio can only be “grouped” by Roon if the devices are the same manufacturer (all Airplay or all Bluesound).

So if your plan is to go multi-room and care about HiRes capability, Bluesound may soon be the best (reasonably priced) option. I have a Node2 and a Powernode2 and have been impressed with the DAC on both. The Powernode2 amp is also VERY impressive to me at that price point and it compares very well to my NAD D3020… seems to have more power and separation to my ear. Their hardware is excellent for the price point and from the same manufacturer as NAD. The only issue is functional but very clunky BluOS software that does not suit large libraries. But that’s the whole point of using the beautiful Roon to replace the BluOS software. :smile:

I am also not sure… perhaps Roon can confirm??… whether the direct USB to NAD setup you have can be paired AND in sync with the audio sent by Roon to Bluesound (or any other endpoint)? I fear the music sent by RAAT/Bluesound (how will you do it guys?) will need to be re-timed/buffered so that each room is in sync, whereas the direct connection from the computer is not?

I know that I experimented with:

Mac Roon --> USB --> Peachtree Amp --> line out --> Bluesound line in >>> Group with other Bluesound device…

My goal was to have three rooms (Peachtree, Bluesound 1 and Bluesound 2) all in sync, but the audio on the latter two was retimed/delayed. Maybe in Roon Endpoint setup (once the Bluesound devices are available as endpoints) this problem would be avoided since Roon “knows” about the Bluesound devices and is sending audio directly, rather than my daisy-chain solution.

A really nice little amp actually.

Agree, the D3020 lives up to its positive reviews and is a no-brainer at the <$500 price point.

But if one does not need multiple inputs and is building a multi-room system, the PowerNode2 is even better IMO. Bluesound started out as a collaboration between NAD & PSB, so their amps are probably quite similar. If I had to guess, the PowerNode2 is sharing the guts of the D7050 though I’ve not seen that in print.

The thing that matters is the streaming technology used, not the manufacturer. AirPlay is a streaming tech–so airplay plays with AirPlay.

In the case of Bluesound, their devices will become Roon Ready–which means that they will implement RAAT, our streaming technology, in addition to their own pre-existing stuff.

All RAAT-based zones can be grouped with other RAAT-based zones, regardless of manufacturer. Local outputs (for example, USB DACs/interfaces), are RAAT-based zones, too, so you can indeed group them with Roon Ready devices.

Yeah, exactly.

BTW, we are also planning to add settings for fine-tuning synchronization for devices that have unaccounted-for downstream delays in 1.3. This might have helped make the daisy chain solution tractable, assuming the delays were consistent each time.