RoonRemote on Android Tablet is missing letters

Thanks @Eric for your reply.

Restarting Roon and rebooting the Pixel C helps indeed, but the behaviour is recurring.

The point is, that I don’t use that many apps at the same time on my Pixel C. I’m not into social media at all or use f.e. YouTube much, so there are not many video memory consuming apps in play. That is except for one app for watching television, that could be the culprit. I will keep an eye open for interference with Roon. Then again, my Oneplus One is missing characters too, as I said earlier in this thread, and I don’t use that app on my phone. And I’m only experiencing this kind of behaviour with Roon. However, I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks again.

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I can’t say that there’s an obvious connection between Roon and the TV app I was talking about. I removed it for some time but the behaviour of Roon didn’t change. Roon is the only app I’m experiencing the disappearing characters and other glitches reported in this thread with. It might be a Android related problem, the Pixel C is running 7.0, the Oneplus One 6.0.1, it might be hardware related. But annoying it is!

I just installed Roon remote on my Galaxy S5 and encountered this issue. It is resolved by closing all other apps and restarting Roon remote. I have at least a gig of spare internal memory on the phone and no other apps do this. Not the end of the world, but annoying if i want to use it for more than Roon…which, of course, is most of the time.

Also getting missing characters from time to time. Not the end of the world since a restart solves it, but gives an otherwise great app a bit of an unpolished feel.

Edit: Phone app on HTC One M8

I notice the same thing using the tablet version of the Roon Android app on my Google Pixel C. I don’t have anything else running in the background except Chrome with three tabs open. Closing the Roon app and reopening fixes the problem but it comes back after multitasking a couple of times. I haven’t noticed any real patterns to this so I will update if/when I do.

Memory consumption on the device doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary although I do notice that it overall runs more sluggish with the Roon app running. For example, typing in my PIN when unlocking the device doesn’t have as smooth animations as when the Roon app is not running.

Allmost a year later, and no progress. Maybe it’s something that’s the general GUI overhaul is meant to address, if so, I’d like to know. However, many Android users keep mentioning this behaviour, and it’s annoying for them too.

Maybe @Carl_Henrik_Janson has a solution, see his post It just might apply to this problem too.

@Bluebeat, “my” problem is that when Roon Android looses gui focus (becomes invisible to the user), for example due to reading news in a browser, then playback becomes staggering, which is indicative of the following, which again should be looked into at the earliest possible convenience by the Roon developers:

Roon are doing cpu/gpu or otherwise intensive tasks on the GUI thread that should either be paused when gui focus is lost, or, probably, should be executed in another thread than the main thread. This WILL solve this problem, and the simple reason is that the app WITH GUI focus will always get priority on top of apps that currently have lost GUI focus, in this case Roon. See my post referenced above, and take a look at Android design guidelines regarding proper thread usage; Hope to see this error gone in the next update, I have also been waiting for “a year”.

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Hey @Carl_Henrik_Janson, thanks for chiming in!

Yep, that’s what I understood from your post. The thing is, the reason you’re giving for this behaviour of Roon just might be a reason for some other odd behaviour too, like the problem documented in this thread. I don’t know of course, I’m not an Android expert at all, far from it! It just struck me as a possiblity. Do you know if disappearing characters could be caused by Androids thread priority rules, as you described? Thanks!



Just hoping this will put an end to the disappearing characters too

Not familiar with that problem, but shall be on the lookout. You might investigate this problem on a forum called stackoverflow. Most problems, and their solutions, are described there, in a programmatically perspective. If found, it could be useful for Roon developers.

Thanks @Carl_Henrik_Janson